Obscure Visual Studio Errors

Recently, I attempted to install a NuGet package to a project in Visual Studio and received the following error: Failed to add reference to 'System.Transactions'. Please make sure that it is in the Global Assembly Cache. This would happen intermittently with various libraries (especially System.Core and System.Transactions… Read More

Angular JS Templates for Resharper

I've been using quite a lot of Angular JS at work recently. Since I use Visual Studio and, therefore, JetBrains Resharper, I was disappointed at the lack of nice templates I could use to help speed things along. This official plugin, which adds some nice syntax highlighting and autocompletion, was… Read More

Regular Expressions

Inspired by this xkcd and the desire to purchase the associated t-shirt (and be truthful when wearing it), I've begun following the course on Learn Code The Hard Way on Regular Expressions. The course uses a custom Python regex matcher (called regetron) and builds you up through a series of… Read More

Chromecasts, Windows 8 and Hyper-V

As part of the recent winter festivities, I received a Chromecast. As I'm in the UK, this was an unofficial import with an American plug but I managed to get it some power and eventually managed to connect it to my wifi network. I was excited to see what I… Read More

What I'm reading at the moment

The festive season is over already and a new year has begun. Thankfully, I was surrounded by some lovely people at Christmas time who took the time to choose me some books to read. Here is what I'm currently reading in case it points you to something you hadn't seen… Read More